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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Names of the 12 Imams or Khalifa in the hadith


Names of  ULIL AMRI MINKUM mentioned in Holy Quran

Rasul(sawa) said : ‘Man Kuntu Mawlahu Fa haadha Aliyyun Mawlaahu’ Whoever among you treat me as your Leader, Ali will also be your leader.

1. Yanaabiul Mawaddah, page 369 by Suleiman al Qunduzi
2. Shawaahidun Nubuwwah, page 195
3. Also refer to Sawaiq Muhriqah, page 97.
4. Through the chains of Saheeh Muslim, Abu Dawood, Nasaai, Ibn Maajah and Bayhaqi.
5. Ar Hajjul Mataalib, page 402, Mawaddatal Qurbah, Manaaqib Qawarizm, Mafaatih al Mataalib, Hasbeebus Sayr, Rawdhatul Ijaabah

Narrated by Hadhrath Jabir Ibn Abdullah Al Ansari (r.a) when the verse:

  Ya Ayyuhal ladheena aamanu ateeullaaha wa ateeurrasoola wa ulil amri minkum... 

I asked the  Rasulullah(sawa): I know whos is ALLAH(swt), and I know who is His Messenger , and I already obeyed Allah and His Messenger, However, Ya Rasulullah who are those Ulil AMri where my obedience to them is also mandatory?

Rasulullah(sawa) replied: They are my successors (vicegerents). They are the one who will lead after me. The first of the m will be my brother Ali(as), then my son Hassan (a.s), then my son Hussain (a.s), then Ai ibn Hussain (a.s) (Imam Zayn al Abideen), then Muhammad ibn Ali (a.s) (Imam Muhammad al Baqir), O Jabir, send my greetings unto them, then after Ja’far ibn Muhammad (a.s)(Imam Ja’far as Sadiq), he will by succeded by Musa ibn Ja’far (a.s) (Imam Musa al Kadhim), then Ali ibn Musa (a.s) (Imam Ali ar Ridha), then Muhammad ibn Ali (a.s) (Imam Muhammad At Taqi), then Ali ibn Muhammad (a.s) (Imam Ali an Naqi), then Hassan ibn Ali (a.s) (Imam Hassan al Askari), then Muhammad ibn Hassan al Mahdi (a.s) (Imam Akhir az Zamaan),

The famous scholar al-Dhahabi says in Tadhkirat al-Huffaz, vol. 4, p. 298, and Ibn Hajar al-'Asqalani says in al-Durar al-Kaminah, vol. 1, p. 67 that Sadruddin Ibrahim bin Muhammad bin al-Hamawayh al-Juwayni al-Shafi'i was a great
scholar of Hadith. The same Al-Juwayni reports from Abdullah ibn Abbas (r) from the

Prophet (s) who said, "I am the chief of the Prophets and Ali ibn Abi
Talib is the chief of successors, and after me my successors shall be twelve,
the first of them being Ali ibn Abi Talib and the last of them being Al

Al-Juwayni also narrates from Ibn 'Abbas (r) from the Prophet (s): "Certainly
my Caliphs and my legatees and the Proofs of Allah upon his creatures
after me are twelve. The first of them is my brother and the last of them is
my (grand) son."
He was asked: "O Messenger of Allah, who is your brother?"
He said, "Ali ibn Abi Talib" Then they asked, "And who is your son?" The
Holy Prophet (s) replied, "Al Mahdi, the one who will fill the earth with justice
and equity like it would be brimming with injustice and tyranny. And by the
One Who has raised me as a warner and a give of good tidings, even if a day
remains for the life of this world, the Almighty Allah will prolong this day to an
extent till he sends my son Mahdi, then he will make Ruhullah 'Isa ibn Maryam
(a) to descend and pray behind him (Mahdi). And the earth will be illuminated
by his radiance. And his power will reach to the east and the west."

2.On the commentary of the verse 4:59 of Quran in which Allah orders us to obey Ulul-Amr, al-Khazzaz in his book, Kifayatul Athar, gives a tradition on the authority of the well-known companion of the Prophet(sawa), Jabir Ibn Abdillah al-Ansari (RA):
When the verse (4:59) was revealed, Jabir asked the Prophet(sawa): "We know Allah and the Prophet, but who are those vested with authority whose obedience has been conjoined to that of Allah and yourself?"

The Prophet(sawa) said: "They are my Caliphs and the Imams of Muslims after me. The first of them is Ali; then al-Hasan; then al-Husain; then Ali son of al-Husain; then Muhammad son of Ali who has been mentioned 'al-Baqir' in the Torah (the old testament). O Jabir! You will meet him. When you see him, convey my greetings to him. He will be succeeded by his son, Ja'far al-Sadiq (the Truthful); then Musa son of Ja'far; then Ali son of Musa; then Muhammad son of Ali; then Ali son of Muhammad; then al-Hasan son of Ali. He will be followed by his son whose name and nick name will be the same as mine. He will be Proof of Allah (Hujjatullah) on the earth, and the one spared by Allah (Baqiyyatullah) to maintain the cause of faith among mankind. He shall conquer the whole world from the east to the west. So long will he remain hidden from the eyes of his followers and friends that the belief in his leadership will remain only in those hearts which have been tested by Allah for faith."

Jabir said: "O Messenger of Allah! Will his followers benefit from his seclusion?" The Prophet said: "Yes! by Him who sent me with prophethood! They will be guided by his light, and benefit from his leadership during his seclusion, just as people benefit from the sun even though it is hidden in the clouds. O Jabir! This is from the hidden secrets of Allah and the treasured knowledge of Allah. So guard it except from the people who deserve to know." (Kifayatul Athar, by al-Khazzaz, p53). 



(1) Sheikh Sulayman Balkhi Hanafi in his Yanabiu'l-Mawadda, ch.76, reports from Fara'idu's-Simtain of Hamwaini, who reports from Mujahid, who reports from Ibn Abbas, that a Jew named Na'thal came to the Holy Prophet and asked him questions about Tawhid (Unity of Allah). The Holy Prophet answered his questions and the Jew embraced Islam. Then he said: "O Holy Prophet, every prophet had a wasi (vicegerent). Our Prophet, Moses Bin Imran, made a will for Yusha Bin Nun. Please tell me who is your wasi?" The Holy Prophet said: "My vicegerent is Ali Bin Abi Talib; after him are Hasan, and Husain and after them are nine Imams, who are the successive descendants of Husain."

Na'thal asked the Holy Prophet the names of those Imams. The Holy Prophet said: "After Husain, his son, Ali, will be the Imam; after him his son, Muhammad; after him his son, Ja'far; after him his son Musa; after him his son, Ali; after him his son, Muhammad; after him his son, Hasan; after him his son, Muhammad Mahdi will be the last Imam. There will be twelve Imams."
In addition to the names of the nine Imams, this hadith further states that each would succeed as Imam after his father. Na'thal made further inquiries, and the Holy Prophet described the manner of death of  each Imam.

Then Na'thal said, "I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that you are His Holy Prophet. I bear witness that these twelve holy Imams are your vicegerents after you. What you have said is exactly what is recorded in our books and in the will of Moses."
Then the Holy Prophet said: "Paradise is for him who loves them and obeys them, and Hell is for him who is hostile to them and opposes them."

Na'thal then recited some couplets to the effect that "May Allah, the Exalted, shower His blessings upon you, chosen Prophet and pride of the Bani Hashim. Allah has guided us by means of you and the twelve holy men whom you have named. Certainly Allah has purified them and preserved them from impurity. He who loves them is successful. He who hates them is the loser. The last of the Imams will quench the thirst of the thirsty. He is the one the people will wait for. Prophet of Allah, your progeny is a blessing for me and for all the believers. Those who turn away from them will soon be thrown into Hell."

(2) The great scholar, Sheikh Sulayman Balkhi, in his Yanabiu'l-Mawadda, ch. 76 reports from Manaqib of Khawarizmi, who reports from Wathila Bin Asqa' Bin Qarkhab, who reports Jabir Bin Abdullah Ansari; and also Abu'l-Fazl Shaibani and he from Muhammad Bin Abdullah Bin Ibrahim Shafi'i, who reports Jabir Ansari (one of the chief companions of the Prophet) as saying: "Jundal Bin Junadab Bin Jubair, a Jew, came to the Holy Prophet and asked him about Tawhid. After hearing his reply, the man became a Muslim. He said that on the previous night he had seen Moses in a dream telling him: 'Embrace Islam at the hands of the last of the prophets, Muhammad, and attach yourself to the vicegerents after him.' He thanked Allah for the blessing of Islam. He then asked the Holy Prophet to tell him the names of his vicegerents. The Holy Prophet began by saying: 'My vicegerents are twelve in number.'
The man said that he had seen this fact in the Torah. He asked the Prophet to tell him their names, and the Prophet said: 'The first of them is the chief of the vicegerents, the father of the Imams, Ali. Then follow his two sons - Hasan and Husain. You shall see these three. When you reach the last stage of your life, Imam Zainu'l-Abidin will be born, and the last thing that you have of this world shall be milk. So cling to them so that ignorance may not mislead you.'
The man said that he had seen in the Torah and in other scriptures the names of Ali, Hasan, and Husain as Elias, Shabbar, and Shabbir.
He asked the Holy Prophet to tell him the names of the other Imams.
Then the Holy Prophet named the remaining nine Imams with their epithets and added: 'The last of them, Muhammad Mahdi, will live, but disappear. He will appear later and will fill the world with justice and equity, since it will have degenerated into injustice and tyranny. Verily, Paradise is for those who show patience during the time of his occultation. Paradise is for those who are firm in their love for him. These are they whom Allah Almighty has praised in the Holy Qur'an and for whom the Holy Qur'an is a 'guide for those who guard (against evil). Those who believe in the unseen.' Also He says

'These are Allah's party: now surely the party of Allah are the successful ones.'" (58:22)


bakmir said...

Sahih Bukhari:

Narrated Jabir bin Samura: I heard Muhammad saying, "There will be twelve Muslim rulers." He then said a sentence which I did not hear. My father said, "All of them (those rulers) will be from Quraish."

Sahih Muslim :

Narrated Jabir bin Samura: I heard Muhammad saying, "The (Islamic) religion will continue until the Hour (day of resurrection), having twelve Caliphs for you, all of them will be from Quraysh."

Sunan Abu Dawood :

The Prophet said: "This religion remains standing until there are twelve vicegerents over you, all of them agreeable to the nation, all of them from Quraysh."

Sunan al-Tirmidhi :

The Prophet said: "There will be after me twelve Amir (Prince/Ruler), all of them from Quraysh."

Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal

Masrooq relates that someone asked Abdullah Ibn Masood, "O Abaa Abd al-Rahmaan, did you ask the Messenger of Allah how many caliphs will rule this nation?". Abdullah Ibn Masood replied, "Yes, we did ask the Messenger of Allah and he replied, "Twelve, like the number of chiefs (nuqabaa) of Bani Israel""

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